Job Title Recruiting Number Salary Work Area Job Requirement
Quality Manager 1 Negotiable Langxi County, Xuancheng 1. 20 ~ 45 years old, majored in electronics, telecommunications, electrical or other related fields, college degree or above; more than 1 year of relevant work experience;
2. Proficient in single-chip development, digital circuits, analog circuits and other related knowledge, proficient in driving power design, skilled use of test tools and instrumentation, familiar with embedded software;
3. Experience in LED lighting design preferred
Production supervisor 1 Negotiable Langxi County, Xuancheng 1. Specializing in electronic technology, industrial engineering or other related fields, college education;
2. More than five years of experience in electronic assembly production management, including at least two years of working experience as workshop manager or production manager at electronic companies;
3. Have rich experience in production arrangement, capacity planning, site management, 5S implementation, production process improvement, and so on;
4. Experience in LED lighting production preferred
5. Familiar with ISO 9001
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